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Employers (Plumbing/HVAC/Refrigeration) can find their next service technician, selling technician and/or installer FOR FREE thru Blue Collar Elite.


No more resumes. Create your free profile so employers can find you now!


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Job Creation Service Connecting Employers with Reliable Help

Welcome to Blue Collar Elite!  The premium Job Creation service & platform, connecting Employers with qualified and reliable Applicants, within the Trades.  


EMPLOYERS - sign up NOW for an exclusive invitation and preview of the future in Job Creation for the Trades (Plumbing Jobs, HVAC Jobs and Refrigeration Jobs). Real-Time notification of qualified candidates (from Entry Level to Experienced).  

No Resumes!  Set your standards, see who's available and make your selection.  It's that easy!  

Applicants: create a free profile so employers can find you quickly and easily using our user friendly search system.

Employers: Gain full access to our premium Blue Collar database of Applicants ready-for-hire, FOR FREE. You will never be left short-handed again!  Employers are responsible for all background checks, drug testing and any other due diligence necessary prior to hiring.



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