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How Blue Collar Elite Works

Blue Collar Elite connects Employers with quality "ready to hire" Applicants.  


  • Applicants can create their Online Career ProfileTM and search job listings for FREE
  • Employers can create their online company profile and post job listings for FREE
  • Employers search for qualified Applicants using our state-of-the-art search tools. The cost comes with the introduction.
    • as part of our dedication to creating 30,000 Jobs in the Trades by 2021, the first Applicant introduction (Meet) is FREE
    • Also, ask us about ETA ProgramTM (Entry-level Tech Accelerator) which gives Employers unlimited access to Applicants (less than 3 years experience).  Employers, to learn more, send an email to, subject line ETA and please include your complete contact info in the body of the email.  One of our Job Creation Amabassadors will follow up with you promptly to answer any questions you have.


We look forward to creating connections that turn into careers.


iPHONE USERS: It's a simple 3-Step process to add us to your home screen...





1. Click on the Media Organizer Icon at the bottom of your screen. 2. Click the Add to Home Screen button. 3. Click Add in top right corner. And you're done! 


You can now quick-launch our site by clicking the Blue Collar Elite Icon.


No more resumes. Create your free profile so employers can find you now!


Search for free and find qualified applicants available for hire!

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